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Start-Up / Growth and Brand Marketing Coaching
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Giving your business the wow factor.

Start-Up / Growth and Brand Marketing Coaching

I take great pleasure in sharing my experiences and knowledge with others, helping them grow their personal knowledge, and grow their businesses too.

My 1:1 and 1:Few coaching sessions are aimed at people who are wanting a deeper understanding of marketing principles and are growing their business at the same time.

With marketing often falling hand in hand with business planning and brand development, my coaching reflects on different disciplines and strategies which help new businesses and great ideas to get well and truly off the ground.


Marketing Strategy

1:1 Coaching

PR Intro


Session #1

Look at the fundamentals of what marketing is and understand where your business fits into the larger picture.

Session #2

Taking a deeper dive into the reason your business exits, what drives it and why it should be of interest to anyone else.

Session #3

Working towards putting the understanding from session 1 and 2 into practice – in relation specifically to you and your business.

Session #4

In this final session, we take all the learnings and elements we’ve defined and plan a marketing strategy and three-month delivery plan which you can implement in your own business.

1:1 COACHING (WEEKLY SESSIONS, 1hr per session)

Andrew Stark Marketing

1:1 Coaching, Series of 5 sessions recurring.


Ideal for;

Ambitious Start-Ups
Why ‘ambitious’? Because this is a two-way activity; to really benefit, you need to show-up and put the time in, as do I. Great if you’re ambitious, not so great if you’re not able to embrace it.

Many Entrepreneurs I know have great ideas – but often these are locked in their heads with other ideas, plans and schemes to change the world.

That’s fine – I help extract those ideas, make sense of them and help to define the values and benefits of them as a basis for effective marketing.

Growth-Minded Small/Medium Enterprises
Creating great marketing often means a deep-dive into what you actually do – and understanding how your ideal customer buys. I coach people to understand the value of this, and put it into practice to take ‘good’ local businesses to ‘great’ international businesses.

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Let’s talk about how coaching can help you and your business

1. Helping people really understand what it is their business does, and getting clarity on that.

2. Getting that “lightbulb moment” when theory meets practice and everything ‘clicks’.

3. Making businesses grow and enabling great ideas to flourish.