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Case Study
Some words and examples from kind people I've had the pleasure of working with.
Case Studies
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Case studies. It’s always a challenge on a website as some customers, for very genuine reasons, sometimes just want to keep their success quiet. It’s as though they feel to highlight it exposes their previous failings, or gives customers ammunition to barter on price.

That’s fine, and we totally respect these requests. Here’s a few named, and a few unnamed, to give a flavour of some projects we’ve done.

Case Studies / Examples


Increasing pre- and post-covid online revenue by 5 times.

Another nameless organisation by their request, however they are happy for me to share the results of our relationship.

Our initial 6-month strategy developed into a longer relationship where we looked at increasing their brand identity and presence to more accurately reflect their offering and unique nature.

Part of this process was developing their online presence – making it easier for customers to buy from them.

With the same product range and pricing structure, they reported online sales five times higher than with their previous approach. This was before Covid (where online sales naturally spiked during lockdown).

Since reopening, online sales have remained at their new higher level.

“Previously, online sales fluctuated between 3 and 4 figures. 

Now it’s consistently 5 times the pre-covid average.”

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Visualising a data-driven story for Incremental.

Like many growing organisations, Incremental are great at what they do – but tend to keep busy in their own world. These video snippets marked the start of introducing people into what their software does.

&Stark Marketing was responsible for;

  • Product icons/graphics,
  • Brand development,
  • Social media video content.

Supporting post-Covid tourism for the Whisky and Whiskey sector.

Like a lot of tourism, the British Isles’ Whisky sector has suffered through Covid. That said – the industry is in a period of growth with record numbers of distilleries entering the market.

The Whisky Finder app encourages discovery, exploration and physical footfall of distilleries to support the industry and embed consumers into home-grown brands.

&Stark Marketing was responsible for;

  • Initial research and planning;
  • Concept, wireframes and consumer testing;
  • App build, hosting and maintenance;
  • Content creation and marketing.
Andrew Stark Marketing York
Andrew Stark Marketing York

Developing an idea into a concept, a concept into a product, and a product into a business.

Helping someone bring their idea and vision to a tangible product and business is a pleasure.

Training Provider 4U was something it’s founder struggled to articulate into a brief – despite him being an outstanding trainer.

Variations of the platform now run in the UK and UAE.

&Stark Marketing was responsible for;

  • Interpreting the founder’s idea into a brief and a plan;
  • Developing the wireframes for the first website and mobile app;
  • Mapped the customer journey and user experience;
  • Managed the web/app-build relationship to completion.

300% sales increase for a global ecommerce business.

This is one of those who want to remain nameless, however the fact is this team of people made a tongue-in-cheek complaint that they need to get up two hours earlier each day to deal with orders coming from all continents of this little planet of ours.

Their usual sales channel was Amazon – which delivered a high-tech and slick interface – but clearly left their customers feeling cold.

By bringing out the personalities and ethos of the business on their website with carefully considered words, imagery and design, they’ve really connected with their customer base who value the new approach.

And get this. You can’t even buy directly from their website. However, all the selling, bar the exchange of money, is done in their own, personal, unique and genuine website.

“We’ve had to start getting up two hours earlier each day to deal with the orders we’re getting.”


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