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Passion beyond drinking...

Passion beyond drinking.

A passion beyond drinking.

Drinks Industry Marketing

Drinks industry marketing has fascinated me ever since I took the time to really appreciate a glass of single malt scotch whisky sat on the shores on Lochindaal on the Isle of Islay near to where my son and I would spend relaxing hours trying to fish.

That passion has never subsided – as a drinker and investor (and one-time beer-brewer and spirit distiller) it’s been fascinating watching the British Isles cement it’s place as a global centre of distilling, brewing, gin production and making increasingly loud noises in the wine market too.

This passion has resulted in working with start-ups, established brands, retail and wholesale and my own projects delivered into the industry.

Below are a number of projects and initiatives undertaken and in progress aimed at supporting and promoting various elements of the industry.

Whisky Finder Mobile App

This self-funded mobile app lists all (or as many as possible) working whisky distilleries in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.

The aim is to encourage discover, exploration and to get people to directly support the makers and the communities around them.

The Growth of English Whisky

Being English and living bang in the middle of the country, the growth of English whisky is of great interest to me.
This embryonic project will support and promote this increasingly dynamic sector of the drinks industry of which seems to hold weekly surprises (in good ways).

Why not do a project which covers the growth in the Scottish and Irish markets too? Because there’s only so many hours in the day!

Sustainable Stories

Sustainable Stories is a series of short insights into the small (and large) steps distilleries are undertaking to make their products and business more sustainable and conscious of the environment they operate in.

Within these, I look for those authentic individuals and businesses who have sustainability within them – whether that’s environmental, social or economical.

Whisky Industry Sustainability
Whisky Industry Sustainability
Whisky Industry Sustainability
Whisky Industry Sustainability
Whisky Industry Sustainability

Are you ready to create SuperFans for your drinks brand?

  • Are you and your team able to clearly and consistently articulate who you are and why you’re so great?
  • Do you suffer from single purchase customers, rather than repeat orders?
  • Do you feel you have a genuine point of difference?

Take our drinks SuperFans scorecard and you can also download our ‘Sustainability and the Drinks Industry’ survey for free.

Whisky Industry Marketing

Explore, Discover, Support campaign

The Explore, Discover, Support campaign was initiated to support the industry and in turn the economies the industry supports – encouraging discover and experience. It came at a time when producers were struggling through Covid restrictions and increased US tariffs too.

Now that Covid-lockdowns are (we hope) coming to an end, the campaign will be resurrected once more.

Book a free, 30 minute discovery call.

How can we work together to make a real difference to how your business communicates – create a unique voice and really make an impact in the whisky world.