Creative Curiosity. What’s yours?

Earlier today I had a regular call with a small group of trusted and respected people who help, support and encourage each other. In this week’s session, I was talking about how I’ve come to recognise (within myself) the need for a creative outlet; to create something from nothing, the desire to discover something new and also, to spend time in nature.

One of the group on the call immediately called it my “creative curiosity”. I thought that really encapsulated what it is.

That’s not so unusual is it? However it’s often overlooked. For myself, taking some time out to learn a language I always wanted to learn, play a musical instrument, paint and at times – go into the cold North Sea, is absolutely vital.

Not only is this time good for rest and wellbeing, but can be a space where I consolidate thinking, rationalise thoughts and ideas – or simply enjoy some peace. And as if by design – all my ‘outlets’ require different time commitments or mental preparation – meaning at least one of them will relevant and achievable within the average day.

The outcome of this of course is a healthier mindset (and perhaps body) and when I return to my computer – a renewed and rejuvenated approach to my clients.

Now that I’ve seen the benefits it does for me, I have added time in my default diary to keep me on track. Not so much on track to remain in the same Duolingo league, but more about being mentally on track to continuing another great week.

So my tip for this week is to not forget what makes you who you are. Schedule some time for yourself; clear your mind, get creative, make some noise and above all – enjoy it.

Do you have a creative outlet? I’d love to hear what you do – and how it helps you to be a better person as well as a better professional.

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