No and Low alcoholic drinks. What’s your opinion?

The ‘low’ and ‘no’ alcoholic drinks sector is growing – (as is the ‘functional’ sector) – with many in the business stating that on-trade sales are key to connective consumers with the brands.

I’m curious – have any of you sampled low or non alcoholic alternatives to your favourite tipple instead of opting for a soft drink? Was it a good experience?

I did a small amount of research when in some local pubs and extended it to the local supermarkets too. The results were disappointing.

In the supermarkets, low and non-alcoholic beers/wines/spirits were often tucked away in a corner on low/bottom shelves. In one ‘big name’ supermarket, the product was several isles away from their alcoholic alternative and I found it difficult to buy single cans or bottles (of beer) for experimentation.

In the pubs, asking for non-alcoholic was met with surprise, then a shrug before listing several alternatives. (In one case followed up with “but they probably taste like crap.”) A fine endorsement indeed. However, a shout out to Guinness 0.0 which is, in my humble opinion, very good.

Local breweries faired better with pilsner-style lagers on offer as well as pale ales too – and found these to be very good.

So what will/can change?

🍺 Supermarkets and pubs will give priority to what sells most, so how long before the priority on-shelf and on-bar will change?

🍺 Flavour has improved (vastly) but some brands are still charging well for a non-alcoholic alternative. (Witnesses in both beer and wine).

🍺 If you’re driving / don’t want an alcoholic drink – would you prefer to see greater options available (such as functional/health drinks)?

I’d love to know your thoughts. I’m happy to drink alcohol – however, recognise that not everyone does and for some it’s a problem. So why has it taken so long to get to where we are? (Kaliber, promoted by Billy Connolly, was introduced in 1986..)

Change comes from many things, including perception and price and product. What drives you?

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