Don’t be afraid of change.

Many people I know are afraid of change, but the thing is – it’s inevitable.
Yes, ‘steady away’ might be a comfort zone for you, but new ideas and innovation comes from change.

I’ve been particularly interested in the growth of wine in cans for a while. It’s not particularly new at all, but I’m fascinated by the reception it gets and the conversation it generates.

In short, a lot of people think of it like this;
👉🏻 Must be low quality.
👉🏻 Will probably taste ‘tinny’.
👉🏻 Aimed at people who get drunk on trains or in parks.

Fairly brutal. So the expectation is that it will taste cheap.

But when this is reframed in conversation, people take a different opinion;
👉🏻 Contains high quality wines from respected vineyards/producers.
👉🏻 Tinned in an inert container with a process to preserve the wine integrity.
👉🏻 Even Michelin-Starred Tommy Banks has his own range.

That starts to build a better image wouldn’t you say?
Add into this the fact that transporting and recycling tin is a lower carbon footprint than glass, then you also start adding in other benefits.

There was only one thing to do – and this is what I found;
🍷 I ended up sharing one tin at a time (eq. to 1/3 a bottle) without being tempted to ‘finish the bottle’.
🍷 For a midweek wine, I drank a much better quality (and higher priced) wine than I would normally, however…
🍷 They tasted fantastic.

The result – I’m now a convert and the surprise is not that the wine was good – it is that it’s changed the volume of what I would drink. Quality over quantity. And surely that’s a good thing?

So, back to change. Yes it happens and yes, you might just be surprised with what it brings to the table for you.
Don’t be scared of it. Embrace it.


(Caveat: yes, I went for a more premium product. There are some cheap and nasty wine in tins. As there are beers, mixed spirits, soft drinks and so on..)

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