Brand vs Carbon vs Inclusive Website Design

When you’re building a website you may start by thinking about engagement, your brand, messaging, links and content.

Inclusive Design

But what about the website’s carbon footprint? Is environmental sustainability part of your brand ethos? Did you even appreciate your website has a carbon footprint?
And do you consider how accessible the website is to your audience – perhaps someone with a visual impairment for example? Is inclusive design part of your UX and UI? (Is it, honestly?)

Rather than being tucked away as ‘just another part of the process’, perhaps you need to consider these elements in their own right – each with purpose and merit. Understand what they mean, and give them the focus they deserve so your approach is genuine.

That is unless, you already do genuinely factor these things within your brand. (Well, do you? )

Does one affect the other? Yes – and it may take some give and take to achieve a good balance, but there’s a sweet spot in there somewhere, if you’re prepared to look for it.

I’m by no means perfect, but I recognise the importance of Inclusive Design and Sustainability. And it’s that mindset which is key. (Next step is action of course!).
Keep an eye out for some new content where I speak with experts to better understand what these mean, and why we should be taking a different approach to them.
To make change, we have to change – how we think as well as what we do.

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