Lead with purpose.

There’s lots already said about finding your niche and authenticity in marketing, and it’s something I really get behind.

But is that enough? I find that taking a confident position in your market – and leading it with a true sense of purpose cannot be overlooked.

There are of course boundaries to this – tearing a path to a personal goal, oblivious to reality, can be an issue. Also, continual self-praise and over confidence can also send bad vibes.

However, finding finding the right balance should always be a goal. If you have a purpose that you truly believe in, then why wouldn’t you be confident in telling people about it?

👉🏻 Being purpose-led can be a point of difference in your market.

👉🏻 It can have a positive effect on brand consideration for potential clients – and future employees too.

👉🏻 It can help create more meaningful connections.

As a marketer, I don’t start with plans and processes, but focus on purpose – a reason for being. Once that golden nugget has been identified, then some great foundations have been laid.

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