Personal branding. What’s your thoughts?

I’ve always avoided such things to be honest – “I’m no instagram influencer or model” I thought. But it makes perfect sense. Of course it does.

I *could* tell people I ‘do’ social media or websites or “stuff like that”. But that’s not about value is it?
Alternatively, I could tell people about me, and what makes my experience unique. (Because it is; it’s MY experience, not anyone else’s.)

But how to encapsulate “me”?

“A picture tells a thousand words” – and it does. So that’s where I’ve started when I began looking inwards at myself and what I do.

Olivia Brabbs

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a photographer I’ve admired for a while in terms of work and personality – Olivia Brabbs. And both these things are very important to me. Commissioning photography of yourself can be daunting and potentially intrusive (if you’re not used to a camera pointed your way all the time). However, confidence, trust and communication are good allies and enablers too.

Although I can’t share the outcome quite yet, I’m really, really pleased. Just seeing the first thumbnail samples has given me an unexpected confidence in myself as well as my business. I feel like something unique has been created – and I’m so proud of it.

So before you dismiss branding (in any form, not just photography), consider how you want to be perceived as well as who exactly you are. Both are important. Branding is such a great opportunity to show off your unique traits and help you to quite literally stand out from the crowd.

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