Don’t boil the ocean.

I had a great call with small, growing business recently and they were concerned that their product and services were ‘no longer good enough’ – social media engagement is down, the website is barely registering any traffic, the visual identity was a mixed bag and sales figures resemble a rollercoaster.
The thing is, what they do is great, but they’ve lost sight of that. They’ve lost their way and aren’t clear about what it is they do anymore. Their messaging is jumbled, their communication inconsistent. And because they aren’t clear about it, they are projecting this externally to potential customers.
So why has this happened? Quite simply – they’re trying to boil the ocean.
Like many growing organisations, their small team gets caught in the day to day of running the business, managing clients, delivering their services – and everything else too. It appears they can’t let go of some of the tasks they used to do when they had more time – but that means they are now performing these tasks with the main goal of trying to achieve minimal time impact on an already busy day.
They’re trying to be all things to all people. And it’s causing them problems.
“Don’t try to boil the ocean” was a phrase a former boss once told me, and I still use it 15 or so years later. Trying to do absolutely everything yourself is often a futile task and will lead to burnout before it saves you money.
Making the decision to let someone new into your world may be difficult and yes, you need to commit and invest both time and money (otherwise it won’t be effective) – but can you imagine how liberating it can be for you? New ideas, added insight, greater focus and better productivity.
One of the best decisions I’ve made in both my career and personal life is asking for support. It doesn’t mean I’ve failed at something, it just means I want to do it better.
Does any of this ring true to you? If you want to chat about how I can help you with some marketing tips, strategies and support which will allow you to refocus on your business, drop me a line here and let’s
put 15 minutes aside. We won’t solve all problems in one call, but it’s a great step forwards.